Cold Forming Equipment

JPF Series Parts Former

  • Includes JNP, JBP parts formers
  • Available in 3D3B to 7D7B configurations
  • 7mm to 45mm Cutoff Diameters
  • 3.5mm to 450mm Cutoff Lengths
  • Motorized wire stop adjustment helps with quick and precise cutoff length (optional)
  • Modular universal transfer finger system (optional)
  • Quick tool change (QTC) system available for die and punches
  • APT lift and turn transfer system allows operator quick and easy access to transfer setup
  • Horizontal wire stand with hydraulic straightener (std for large machines)
  • PKO in all stations
  • Ramslide with over-arm design which allows for stability and long-lasting reliability
  • Aluminum alloy bushing for main crank

Motorized / digital stopper adjustment helps operators to get a quick and precise cut-off length (optional)
Motorized / digital K.O. length adjustment saves operators a lot of tooling change-over time
Fast and positive operation by air clutch and brake control
Motorized / digital feed length adjustment with length indication screen on the operator control panel (optional)
New mechanism allows for P.K.O. adjustment
Digital gauge for P.K.O. adjustment
Extra set of die and punch blocks allows operators to setup another job while machine is running (optional)
New technical transfer system, transfer housing lift and turn system, allows operators to setup the transfer easily (optional)
The horizontal wire stand (pay off reel) with a hydraulic pointed straightener is easily and quickly operated for heavy wire rods
Digital gauge for straightener rollers
Universal transfer finger system. Depending on the forged parts, three types of transfer fingers can be installed at any station


Truform Equipment has been dedicated to providing best of breed manufacturing equipment from around the world to the North American market since 1996. Since our founding, we have continued to advance as the industry leader in cold forming and fastener technologies. We take pride in our ability to meet the challenges of rapid development as it occurs in the global market while reducing costs and increasing productivity for our customers without sacrificing quality or performance.

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