Sanmei Works Co., Ltd


Since our establishment, Sanmei has accumulated trust and achievements in rolling technology. Each achievement has in turn become our confidence, and enabled us to advance as a select professional group.

Sanmei applies our technology and capabilities to gain respect and trust from our customers. Through this we propose superior quality and valuable products and services.

We hope to continue providing innovative products based on our endless spirit of challenge, and ask for your continued support as we continue our challenges.

Products Produced on this Equipment


  • THI-10R Evolution

    Up to M10 parts 75mm in length A safer, easier to operate thread rolling machine...

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  • THI-12R Evolution

    For M12 parts Up to 150mm in length A lower parts feeder position increases changeover...

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    For M5-M12 parts Up to 92mm in length Improve work efficiency by sorting the stud...

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