Point, Drill & Broach Machines


Shank Diameter: 4 mm – 8 mm (0.15” – 0.32”)
Overall Length: 10 mm – 50 mm (0.4” – 2”)
Head Diameter: 6 mm – 16 mm (0.2” – 0.6”)

Automatic Drill, Point, Facing, and Broach Machine for the manufacture of Aerospace Fasteners with the following features:

  • Drilling, pointing, facing and broaching with petal removal
  • 1000 – 1500 parts per hour
  • All spindles have servo motor drive and servo in-feed
  • Broaching with servo-controlled roller screw
  • Servo-controlled indexing
  • No hydraulics


Truform Equipment has been dedicated to providing best of breed manufacturing equipment from around the world to the North American market since 1996. Since our founding, we have continued to advance as the industry leader in cold forming and fastener technologies. We take pride in our ability to meet the challenges of rapid development as it occurs in the global market while reducing costs and increasing productivity for our customers without sacrificing quality or performance.

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