Tom Pavlos started his career in the fastener industry by working for and eventually managing the family tooling business J & J Carbide & Tool Inc. The Pavlos Family has owned and operated J & J Carbide & Tool since 1966. J & J manufactures a full line of cold heading and cold forming tooling employing over 60 experienced tool makers. J & J has grown from a small basement shop into a global supplier of a complete line of tooling and machine parts to the cold forming industry.

It now occupies a modern 20,000 square foot facility utilizing the latest in manufacturing equipment and serves customers around the world. The experience and exposure to the marketplace that Tom Pavlos gained as Vice President of J & J led him to embark on the journey to create a company that would also supply state of the art manufacturing to the cold forming industry. That company was Truform Equipment Inc.

The first company Truform Equipment began a relationship with was Sanmei Works Co. LTD of Nagoya, Japan. Sanmei has been the #1 builder of thread rollers, washer assembly, and roll forming machines in Japan for over 50 years.

Truform was responsible for taking a relatively unknown company and introducing them to the North American marketplace. Identifying the product strengths of the Sanmei machines was the first step in successfully promoting Sanmei products to the North American marketplace. By backing these “best of breed” products with our world class service and technical support, other industry leaders approached Truform Equipment to represent them as well. We utilize strict criteria for evaluating the products and companies we represent. We only sell and promote equipment and processes that we sincerely feel bring the greatest value and return on investment to our clients.

From representing a single manufacturer in Japan, Truform Equipment now represents over fifteen different companies from Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, and India, producing a large variety of innovative equipment and accessories. The success of our desire to go above and beyond for our clients has enabled Truform Equipment to become one of the largest and most recognizable equipment distributors in the cold forming arena. Truform Equipment Inc. is committed to bringing the highest level of service and affordable, quality machines to the North American market.