Jian Hwa


Since the establishment of Jian Hwa in 1979, they have focused on the design and assembly of traditional tapping machines. From the early stage of single spindle tapping machines to the current high-precision reversible tapping machine, they have challenged not only existing technology but also accumulated experience leading to major increases of quality manufacturing tapping machines.

Jian Hwa is a professional and international machinery manufacturer, following the principles of Market Orientation and Matching Customers Requirements. They fabricate an exclusive product pursuant to customers’ requirements.

In order to improve their products competitively, Jian Hwa established an branch office in Shanghai to serve their customers all over the world.

Products Produced on this Equipment


  • HGT – 2 Spindle Tapper

    Designed primarily for round, t-type and flange type nuts Parts rotate while the tap remains...

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  • HNT – 4 Spindle Tapper

    Suitable for Hexagon, square, flange and nylon nut Long tapping stroke for longer or harder...

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  • HRT – 2 Spindle Reversible Tapper

    HRT is primarily used for though and blind-hole nuts, but can also be used for...

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